Active Roster

Introducing Active Rosters. An active roster is a roster created not by hand, but by using code. This ensures that the roster is as up-to-date as possible.

An alternative approach is to use the server to create a roster for you with the latest information. This has the advantage of uncoupling the roster from the server, which could disappear. The disadvantage being the information is not keep up to date.

It has become increasingly difficult to keep up to date with the number of sites that authors and research groups create. The solution is to create the required roster programatically.

# Current implementation

The current implementation attempt to prevent strain on the server by using json files cached in wiki. We use the json plugin.

The format of the stored json is based on the same provided by Ward Cunningham:


Atopia Domain Index caches a similarly structured json-array of domain names on the Atopia Server, and stores these in it's json-plugin.

The Federation Domain Index caches domain names from the whole federation, and likewise stores this in it's json-plugin.

# Future Implementation

We propose that a future version of the wiki-server should return rosters for all the sites it serves, with a built in query language enabling a range of flexible roster creation similar to the ones being explored here.

Automatic Snapshots could be preformed on each page-edit. This would combine many of the advantages of both approaches to programatic creation of rosters, and could be of more general application to other plugins.

# Examples

Thought Garden Sites ROSTER

Ward's Wiki Sites ROSTER

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