Categorised Roster Maker

Rosters can be organised using category headings into a form of roster we call a Categorised Roster. See more about roster categories for their use.

To make things a bit easier to maintain we have created some scripts that allow drag and drop curation of category rosters.

The idea is that we use a page ending in "Refs" and mark up the sections with About Pagefold Plugin items.

Study the markup of the html button items on teh page to see how it works, and check the code of the Roster Transport.

# Example

See Fedwiki Site Refs for an example.

The `Update` button tries to ensure you have all the subdomains you need in the list. The logic is a bit complicated, so you may wish to start with a blank sheet.

The `Create` button takes the information from the ordered reference-item]]s on the page and creates the categorised roster you can copy to where you need.

# See also