Collaborative Authoring

One of the first things I noticed with fedwiki was how it could be used to speed up the process of collaborative authoring. This is one of the most frustrating processes I have to deal with at the moment - one that is seemingly stuck in an analogue time warp. Despite the possibilities of digital content we're stuck with a workflow completely inherited from print. But fedwiki has the potential to radically change that.

The ability to fork, copy and edit and at the same time being able to simply roll over and see every single edit and change is a huge advantage to current processes. It's one of the most accessible features and use cases for me and I'm glad that Alyson Indrunas picked that up .

Her post clearly articulates the differences and potential for fedwiki to drastically improve our current workflows. One of the keys is eliminating conversations and explanations around text. You don't need that in fedwiki - its superfluous. You can see every change, fork every copy, merge, recreate, modify and link content in infinite ways. Content becomes malleable and plastic, able to morph and change - which is truly perfect for collaboration.