Commons server

The **Commons Server** is an easily deployed web server that is designed to provide the minimal services required to sustainably host, maintain, and add to the commons.

# Minimal Viable Governance

The commons server has governance built into it's core. It is architected specifically to support distributed, decentralised governance with an emphasis on community, and federated communities in particular.

This Minimal Viable Governance is people centred not algorithm centred. That is we seek to place a conscious, directed governance of the systemic nature of the commons under human control.

# Building on Federated Wiki

The **Commons Server** is a new version of the Fedwiki Server designed to provide an easily extended and maintained set of services to the commons.

It is designed to be able to host a small number of individual federated wiki sites for a community of authors or cooperative.

In addition to providing the minimal fedwiki server requirements, the commons server will provide a basic Collaborative writing environment based around federated wiki in which the compnents are integrated via microservices, and Drag-and-drop publishing.

Out of the box the commons server will provide:

1. Etherpad-lite hosting 1. Reveal.js hosting

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