Creating an Activity Page

How to create a new wiki page that displays the activity you as an author are interested in providing to your reader? This page provides some work arounds.

VIMEO 426485540 Here we learn how to hack and get around current Fedwiki limitations so that we can create our own Activity views of wiki.

# Need

Let's start with a basic author need: > I want to see all the recent pages to a particular site?

About Activity Configuration to the rescue. Simply configure an Activity Plugin to not show the neighborhood by adding:


to the About Activity Plugin configuration (double click on an instance of the plugin to edit it). To see the effect of this take a look at the changes to this site page. Below we will explore how you can do this.

# Example

Let's create a wiki page that provides a view of the activity on a particular site: - Thought Garden Activity

# Using the Factory

The first hing to note is you cannot simply use the About Factory Plugin to add the About Activity Plugin to a site.

# Adding an Activity Plugin to a Page Unfortunately this is difficult. You cannot simply add the plugin like you would any other plugin (via the About Factory Plugin) - but there are work arounds....

VIMEO 426485540 From around 4:15 you can see how to add an Activity View to a page.

The workflow Ward describes for creating an Activity Page can be found in the video above, and is described in text below: > Click Recent Changes. See that I have edited Welcome Visitors. Click More About Activity Plugin to recall markup. Double-click the plugin to customize. It worked. > I now have my own Recent Changes configured the way I want it. This might have been easier if the page had been named Recent Activity making a stronger association between the page title and the plugin name. However, the link at the bottom of the page overcomes this quirk of history. > I make a page called Recent Activity and explain in the synopsis that this is to contain my customized version of Recent Changes. I click Recent Changes in my synopsis and see the two pages side by side. I drag the customized plugin to my new page and fork from history the prior configuration of Recent Changes.