Dropless Design

The question (and opportunity) therfore arises how to design the Fedwiki experience for an environment that does not support drag-and-drop?

# Issue

Wiki apparently does drag-and-drop a number of ways. Some work, and some do not across browsers. Flag dragging does now work at all, in the Livecode embedded browser - while paragraph dragging does. In Safari tabs do not get activated, and on mobile dragging across browser tabs is not a metaphor that works.

Let’s investigate the following approaches: 1. Single page authoring 1. Cross-browser drag-and-drop

# Single page authoring

A page would provide a Context Overview, that is a map of the LineUp and searchable Other Places, and then enable the creation of draggable page-items onto pages in the current lineup.

It is currently quite slow to author a reference link, and they are in anyway somewhat to be avoided / reconsidered. Instead we wish to Tend the Lineup, Improve search, and provide Page Context. Creating a single page authoring solution could do all these things.