Edit Page

This page provides a place for you to do interesting and useful things to the wiki-page you have selected. Right now you can select a particular wiki-page by dropping the wiki-page's flag icon onto the imagine transport.

POST https://rest.livecode.world/imagine

# Edit Page Title We will use this form for the edit. Renamed pages will be returned as a ghost-page enabling their on-click creation.


If you have completely renamed the page to something new, rather than just. tidying the capitalisation (wiki ignores capitalisation with page-slugs), the you will have to manually delete the wiki page.

# Previous work

For a long time now we have provide a tool for fixing a wiki-page title. Today I've updated this tool with the following improvements. First we create a form which allows us to completely rename the page, and second we automatically fill in a suggested fix when we select the page that shows this wiki dialogue page. It turns out we've already done much of the work a few years ago. So let's dig it out :)

The future dialogue proposal includes the creation of a future dialogue template. The new transport machinery that we will be exploring with the Livecode Outpost, has moved on our ability to work with templates in wiki. It is time to revisit the future dialogue template and adapt it for use in Pod Club.