Federation Activity Roster

We am to create a roster of recent activity in the federation. This allows us to keep an eye on interesting things happening there.

Issue: ROSTER all may allow us to use Ward's roster below to create an view of recent activity. It is not clear from About Activity Configuration if this syntax refers to "all rosters in the lineup" or the first one it finds. It would be nice to be able to refer to a roster by it's item-id.

- http://search.fed.wiki.org:3030/recent-activity.json

# Wards Version

Ward reports sites he finds with recently edited pages, where he generates an active rosterwhich you can visit here:


Below we wrap it in it's own roster for portability. Still we seek to improve it by providing direct links to actual pages that have changed and not simply a link to the welcome-visitors page.

ROSTER search.fed.wiki.org:3030/recent-activity