Federation Directory

Here we maintain a Roster of federation directories. Directories will have a well groomed sitemap optimized for finding sites by keyword search.

# Site-of-sites

A federation-directory is a wiki-site that contains wiki-pages named after the domain name of a wiki site. We could equally well call it a Site-of-Sites

In other words for a wiki-site to be considered a __federation-directory__ is should contains only wiki-pages titled something like:

Federation Directory sites.asia.wiki.org sites.fed.wiki.org sites.bay.wiki.org

Click ยป to load sitemaps for each directory.

Click flags to learn of each directory.

Add this Roster to your own to stay current with updates.

ROSTER sites.fed.wiki/federation-directory

See Participating Directories for what we expect of managers of this metadata.

# David's thoughts

My understanding is that Ward seeks to use the wiki-sitemap function of wiki to reveal useful json that can be loaded into wiki and searched in the usual manner. This makes sense as wiki-find and other features of wiki like recent-changes use wiki-sitemaps by default.

# Servers

In addition to a directory of sites