Fix Federation Issues

A major issue for the federation, and fedwiki software is that there is little energy or incentive to fix clear issues that affect new users. Most if not all, of the development interest, is in exploring new possibilities for this new form of federated writing. We scratch our own itch.

However for this project to succeed we need to attract Great Writers. To do that we need to concentrate a little more on the issues of usability and UX that affect new writers. We need create a new incentive, or to change the existing culture of software development, in order to fix these federation issues.

# Federated UX Journal

Let's document user experiences. We need to create a sense of fun, and motivation around exploring existing and future interfaces in the federation. To do that we can interview people, and document their experiences.

Let's create a journal of these interviews. We can start with ourselves and shoot documentary footage (audio and sometimes video), of federation writers talking about their experience of writing in the federation.

Extending this we can encourage some authors to journal their day-to-day writing and UX experiences.

# Commitment to Fix

The whole project works best, if the issues, and ideas that people come up with are acted upon - or at least that there is some commitment to do our best to do that.

# How?

This is a compact between developers and supporters of the project and the community. You tell us what you want and we will try to build it.

But this question does not quite capture the right balance between design and what the community say it wants...

More thought and explanation needed here.