On this page you will find some initial links that you can explore to help explain the concepts and tools available for you to write in wiki.

# Start experimenting

Wiki is a hypertext. When you click a link you will go to that page. Here we have arranged the pages like rooms in an adventure game. There are things you can do here but you can just zoom through without doing any of them. Then maybe you will play again and do some things. Play it lots of times. You will get good at it.

These are some things we've written about that will seem strange to people use to ordinary web pages and even ordinary wiki sites.

Here we describe how to use the web interface to the federated wiki. Read About Federated Wiki to learn about the project. If you are just starting to write in your first wiki then read the Field Guide to the Federation.

# Create a page

Make a page first by entering the title in the form below and then click create.

Create New Page

# View Activity

As people claim their sites, you will find that they appear in the roster below. You may need to refresh your browser.