Imagine Transport

This new transport imports Tweets, Flickr images, Pinterest pins, web images, research articles, and general web images. It also imports wikipedia articles.

# To Do

This transport is work-in-progress. I use it every day but It should be enhanced to:

- Imagine Flag Drop - Archive images - Process image (geo) metadata properly

# Transporter

This new transport imports Tweets, Flickr images, Pinterest pins, and simple web images. It aims to be a single place to import images from any source.


# Use

You can drop the following types of image onto this transport: - First web image - - Flickr image sample - flickr - Dropbox image sample - dropbox - A sample tweet - twitter

VIMEO 228098079 A quick intro to the Imagine Transport.

Strangely you can also drop a tweet here even though there are no images - the idea being that eventually you will be able to extract any picture in the tweet.


You can test this transporter with the HTML Form below:



You can test this out on the following: - Image - pinterest

# Code

The code for this transporter is written in Livecode. You can view the source here - gist

The code uses regular expressions and a case switch to route rest calls to other transporters. See Imagine Routing.

The transport should have few dependencies as using:

command fedwiki_ForwardAndReturn

delegates dependencies to the forwarded transporters.

# Not working

Some things won't work, as the web sites in question do not have the url structure needed to figure out which image is being presented on the page. It depends on how logical a url structure the sites use.

Google Photos for instance uses obscured url's and Dropbox uses temporary links to images. With sites like Dropbox a solution would be to import the image into an open hosting media commons from where we can link to the image freely.

- Public Dropbox images - dropbox

# See also - Fedwiki Tools