Last Atopia Update

The first thing we do when we receive notification of a new federation scrape is update the indexes on our our own server. We test this with the Atopia server. You can check the time of this last update below:

Last Atopia Update: Fri, 12 Mar 2021 11:49:21 -0500

# Update

This page should be updated automatically by the ruby scrape webhook, but it can also be updated here:

# Recently updated sites

Here we generate interesting rosters from the Atopia Server based on things that have changed since the last update. We start with sites on the Atopia server that we already know about, but have recent writing activity:

Recent Atopia Sites

# New sites Below we list any new sites that have been created since the Last Update on the Atopia server:

New Atopia Sites

# Recent Spam Unfortunately, raw node=based wiki-farms that are not protected by a reverse-proxy result in empty Domain Folders created on the server. The update script moves these empty domains to a ``_trash`` folder on he server. We list them here so we can investigate Wiki Spam.

You can refresh the spam filter here manually, although it is called every time there is a federation scrape update.

We time limit the Remove Spam Transport so that it can only be called every 10 minutes, in order to avoid overloading the server.

# Last Federation Update After the Atopia Server has been indexed, we can update other federations sites. You can check the Last Federation Update here.

# Modifying this page The rosters on this page are updated regularly by transporters that receive webhook based json-rpc calls from other federation servers. Updating these rosters by hand can lead to unexpected results.

To make these updates robust we use the item-ids of the above rosters to target them for change. You are free to modify the rest of the content on this page as you wish.

Naturally if you fork this page from `` your forked version of the page will not be updated. We use other pages (such as last federation update) to create forkable views of Atopia Activity. Thes pages may refer to rosters on this page using the `ROSTER` keyword.