Last Federation Update

On this page we report details of the regular Federation Scrape. The last time this scrape was preformed was:

Last updated: Mon, 7 Dec 2020 23:22:24 +0000

This time and date recorded above is automatically updated by script. We experiment with the reliability of this way of storing data in wiki. - - Webhook Results

# Last Atopia Update

The first thing we do when we receive notification of a new scrape is update the indexes on our our own server. We test this with the Atopia server. - Last Atopia Update

# Time Time is not constant. The time given by code running on your machine is not necessarily the same as time listed on the server. This is particularly important as we get time from the tree command in an abbreviated form.

> Bug: will need to hack this time stuff so that updates times are stored correctly.

We consider using the ```seconds`` since the last epoch in all times returned by shell scripts. Will this do the trick?

# Code At the moment this date is set every time the Livecode handler atopia_UpdateFromCatDateArray is called. We aim to call this handler from the webhook, and explore how slow the handler is to complete to see if this is acceptible. The more regularly it is called the faster the processing should be.

The date is stored in the first ```code``` paragraph-item found on this page. If not date is found / present by defgault we go back and only index the last week.