Map Tools

Here we provide a number of tools that help you work with maps. First of all we resurrect the Map Transport.

# Find an address

For now an author can search by navigating to one of the following services: - Open in a new tab - - Open Google maps -

Navigate to the browser tab with the service you need (we generally prefer OpenStreetMap), and use the built in tools to search for the location you are interested in. Then drag and drop the url from the browser-tabs url bar and drop it on the transporter below:


If you need a visual explanation of try the following (older) video while we update the service.

VIMEO 242388014 Fedwiki Map Transport. A description of how to use the new Fedwiki map transport.

# Currently working on

Fix wikipedia import (which used to work) - see: - Stonehenge on wikipedia

# Api based search We can use api's to allow authors to search from within wiki: > Note: there is a plugin for leaflet that adds a searchbox. In the L.Control.Geocoder.Nominatim(options) option you can set the serviceUrl to point to your server URL - github

# See also - OpenStreetMap - Map Transport on