Mobile Wiki

The same situtation is apparent on mobile - namely that drag-and-drop is not feasible. On mobile it is clear from a UX perspective regardless of technical considerations.

A Fedwiki Mobile App would be a fully portable implementation of wiki, that included a full server as well as the ability to view and create wiki pages.

We wonder, why does wiki suck on mobile and what has to be done to fix it?

Mobile devices have amazingly capable still and video cameras, that can be used in a number of ways with Federated Wiki.

Here we describe the creation of a simple mobile app for Fedwiki that enables the user to use a microphone to record audio interviews, and then enables the user to publish this audio to Fedwiki together with an image, short text and geolocated photograph.

Early on we decided that the Viral Academy would plan it's technical strategy by emphasising mobile, and in particular off-line mobile access first.

A mobile-fedwiki-server would run on your mobile phone, or tablet, and allow you to serve out Fedwiki pages to people that share you immediate vicinity (on the same wifi (LAN address), or in range of your Fedwiki Tethering