Morning Steps

# We rise The first thing we do is gather our thoughts and energy. We start with whatever motivates. We try not to start with process, tasks and administration where we can. Our motivation should drive our focus on what is important.

# We write A personal focus and pattern is to start with writing (text not software). Others may differ. But in wiki, we start by writing. We start by writing whatever we find most important and motivating. Perhaps just for 30 minutes. We try to avoid the temptation of wiki rabbit holes.

# We have coffee A meditative, or mindless phase of preparing the ritual. We think away from the computer. We write on paper, and listen perhaps to the radio (podcast). We plan what to write (seriously). We frame a plan for the day.

# We meet with strangers

We view the Activity of Strangers. We widen our horizons, and concentrate for a moment on the social. We read pages with titles that grab our interest.

A first open part of this reading is to look a the whole federation. Perhaps there are new topics, or authors we can meet.

# We refocus Then we narrow our focus to authors we know and like, and we look for work that can help us with the task of writing and building we have framed for the day.

# We work

We hope that we have enough time left to get down to a focussed work session. This may be more writing, but is often coding, or working with media. We try to avoid meetings, chat and zoom conversations - scheduling those for the evening, or during fixed times in the week.

# We finish We wrap up the mornings session. We try to document it as best we can. We save a bookmark, anticipating our future need to find the work, or send it to someone else. We hope to be brave enough to send it now. We publish to give the work value.

We imagine a workflow, or series of steps that could happen each morning. We use the pragmatics embedded in the design of these steps to inform the creation of software.

We aim this way to build augmented tools that are built on our human processes, and are designed to support these rather than simply replace them.