An outpost is an applications that deviate substantially from the routine behavior of wiki while still cooperating in the federation. Typically these are situated in order to access unique features in their environment or possibly to explore emerging technology expected to become the new norm once proven.

We built the federation based on the promiscuous sharing of simple things with the hope that this would lead the community to save indefinitely things worth saving. Within a year we had moved from ruby to node without leaving ruby sites behind. Now, in the federation's ninth year, we consider how this process might be further distributed.

Create repeatable way to update an index of local sites.

The __Seran Outpost__ is a deno server for fedwiki that is written to provide a number of programmatic services to the federation, most notably scraping the federation - github

The Commons Outpost will start life as a revIgnitor server running most probably under Apache, and look to migrate that to run either as a native Livecode server (listening on a local private port), or under a Caddy server (preferred).