We use the term __page-json__ to describe the JSON returned when a new wiki-page is fetched from the server.

You can see the actual Page JSON for this page for instance by copying the link below and viewing it in the browser:


This is exaclty how the wiki-client fetches new JSON when displaying a page. This JSON is stored as a flat file on th server and you can view it if you have a loval wiki running in the .wik folder.

This is what it looks like:

{ "title": "War and Peace", "story": [ { "type": "paragraph", "id": "08eaf0295b21d267", "text": "The strongest of all warriors..." } ], "journal": [ { "type": "create", "item": { "title": "War and Peace", "story": [] }, "date": 1383279726841 }, { "type": "add", "item": { "type": "factory", "id": "08eaf0295b21d267" }, "id": "08eaf0295b21d267", "date": 1383279861391 }, { "type": "edit", "item": { "type": "paragraph", "id": "08eaf0295b21d267", "text": "The strongest of all warriors..." }, "id": "08eaf0295b21d267", "date": 1383279872956 } ] }

If you select the grey JSON link at the bottom of this page you can view the wiki-page-jSON is a popup-window.

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