Taking a snapshot is the process of embedding content from the existing internet (the Impermanent Web) into The Federation.

This process is a combination of: * Importing the core reference material into the actual JSON file that contains the wiki-page content * Importing any additional (larger) data into IPFS as HTML5 and Javascript.

In a changing world we want to make sure that whatever we write, and reference has permanence. Links are not going to break, and data and images are not going to disappear.

In this way we create a Distributed Wayback Machine.

Below we have an example of interfacing with an external project, and how we may link or reference to this code, and this data within the federation. How to take digital snapshots of the impermanent web.

This HTML5 audio was recorded and is hosted by Audioboom. In order to protect our content, in case the company folds or changes it's policy, we store this audio ourselves and host it on IPFS.

What we aim for are seamless tools that record, host, archive and create the link code we need for wiki.

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