Welcome Visitors Danger

There are a number of problems with the way this works. Most of these come from the fact that every site in the federation shares a page of the same name.

This clutters views of the federation in which the activity plugin considers each welcome visitors page to be an alternative version of the same thing when in fact each site is unique.

Secondly it is easy to over-write you welcome visitors page with a copy form someone else's site. This is because the pages are names the same, and there are an awful lot of pages names Welcome Visitors. Forking on of these pages will clobber your own writing, and this is one of the most common problems that new authors face while Learning wiki.

Another problem is that we are forced to duplicate the information on the Welcome Visitors page to another page which is uniques to the site. So we find that we need to create a page for the site ```fedwiki.org`` named Fedwiki.org or similar so that we can fork this page to other sites. This imposes a lot of additional work for new authors working in groups as they need some way to refer to each other and visit each others work, and forking the current Welcome Visitors page from a colleague is not only not an option - nut a disaster as it trashes their own page.

# Suggested Solutions

My current preferred solution would be to rename the __Welcome Visitors__ page to match the domain name of the wiki. So the Welcome Visitors page of the site ```fedwiki.org``` would be named Fedwiki.org. Potentially the title could still be __Welcome Visitors__ though this may cause additional problems.