Wiki Form

Every wiki page is a potential form. We do not have to consider wrapping elements in any specific markup as you do in HTML, as wiki-page json is already structured in such a way that code can easily identify the contents of elements on the page - hence every wiki page is a form.

Of course it is possible to create forms in wiki, and these two distinct abilities play well together. For instance the following HTML5 form is able to read arbitrary content on this page:

Form fetches contents of first paragraph:   

# Forms in Wiki

It is easy to create forms in wiki by using the built-in HTML Plugin.

Use `<form ...> ... <input type=submit ...></form>` for posts to remote services. Services are expected to respond with json for a page to be added to the lineup.

For example, this form submits an image url to a remote service as if the image had been dropped on an image transporter. See About Transport Plugin

Note: fidelity with the Transport plugin api is not required of form handlers.

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