Wiki rabbit hole

The __wiki rabbit hole__ is the learning pathway which a reader travels by navigating from topic to topic while browsing Wikipedia and other wikis. Other names for the concept include __wiki black hole__ and __wikihole__.

The metaphor of a hole comes from ''Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'', in which Alice (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland) begins an adventure by following the White Rabbit into his burrow - wikipedia

Illustration of a wiki rabbit hole for a t-shirt - wikimedia

When watching videos outside of Wikipedia, many people go to Wikipedia to get more information about what they watched and proceed into the wiki rabbit hole to topics progressively further removed from where they started. Films based on historical people or events often initiate viewers to explore Wikipedia rabbit holes.

Data visualizations showing the relationships between Wikipedia articles demonstrate pathways that readers can take to navigate from topic to topic.

The Wikimedia Foundation publishes research on how readers enter rabbit holes. Rabbit hole browsing behavior happens in various languages of Wikipedias.

Wikipedia users have shared their rabbit hole experiences as part of Wikipedia celebrations as well as on social media. Some people go to Wikipedia for the fun of seeking a rabbit hole. Exploring the rabbit hole can be part of wikiracing.